Battery by Metallica
via Diego Hernadez



It was 1994 as I pressed Play on a cassette that my new friend Kohler (saludos!) had handed me over after school; the description was doodled over the stickie surface of a correction pen, who knows what other music stories had been erased. Side A read METALLICA – you know with the decorative font on the first and final letters.

Turns out it was the first half of their album ‘Master of Puppets’. The opening ’Battery’, a reference to a San Francisco street whence the thrash metal scene emerged, remains my favorite song of them to this day; it was at the moment of the transition between the Spanish guitar spaghetti-western intro and the thundering stampede of James Hetfield’s and Kirk Hammett’s double-guitar licking that I realized music was going to be the one thing in my life. I have grown to enjoy more extreme genres of metal above all else but Metallica remains forever in my heart as the band that opened the doors to this ongoing journey. PS on the B side was the first half of Nirvana’s Nevermind.





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