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Welp! After some time of keeping quiet and going through this journey of what Mixtape Menage is we are out here doing it again. This time trying to do it as a monthly format instead of a sporadic posting. Trying to give it all a bit more focus. To be honest though as much as I’m still trying to figure this out, this has been mad fun and enlightening. I mean as much as I hate Zoom the opportunity to meet with people I’d never met before and just shooting the shit about music and god knows what has been fantastic and of course giving things for me to think about.

I mean like I’ve always considered what someone listens to and is exposed to and the effect on who they are and the way their brain is shaped but hearing Jacqnoise’s story was definitely quite enlightening in thinking of how longer playing pieces, as well as orchestral pieces, can influence. I really loved her talk about accessibility as I think this is a topic that needs to be considered across various avenues of our society. Meeting up with J Scienide and getting to talk about what it’s like to actually meet your heroes while also thinking about how Hip Hop from the time we were growing up affected us. Discussing the influence of inventions with Ed Hall. Digital Art, NFT’s and journeys with Jakob Dwight. Gushing on Prince(again) with Afrikan Sciences and I always love to hear from Ale Hop and what she has going on, I mean have you seen her video for La Procesión?! That shits amazing!!!

Anyhoo, I really hope that you all enjoy what we put in this month and maybe even the below recommendations for Bandcamp Friday! As well as onsidering snazzy names for the editorial section, this month trying “Sippin Coffee”. Since well, I am currently at the moment in fact, sipping coffee(let’s be honest is anyone shocked?). Feedback, and ideas welcomed and encouraged! Also if there is someone you’d like to see in Mixtape Menage just hit us up at  We have some new things coming up soon and news so stay tuned!

As always like, share, add and subscribe. We are trying to build this up so we can keep doing this and also so that we can start to do it better.

Most importantly, love yourselves and love each other!


11 Recommendations for Bandcamp Friday


Here’s 11 Recommendations for Bandcamp Friday and a few props to a few folks. Expect this to be filled out more as time goes on 🙂

For now, here’s the 11 we chose for April 2021!


Props and check these out!

Congrats to Sheree Renee Thomas for her contribution to Tales of Wakanda! Seriously if you haven’t picked up Nine Bar Blues yet you’re late and missing out. I leaned back into the couch a little bit deeper reading this one.

Props to John Morrison for his writing about the legendary album from the legendary Roots crew “Do You Want More?!”

It’s also worth checking out his writing about the music surrounding one of the greatest poets of our time Amiri Baraka.

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