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Alrighty. Howdy! Hello Folks! Okay I guess now is the time that I need some sort established salutation for this thing. Kinda like the writers in the back of comic books or Buckwild back in the day in The Source magazine.

Well over here in Mixtape Menage world we’ve been quite busy. Hence not so many full on releases. But here we are 🙂 Back with another one!

This has been a rather occupied couple of months I have to say. Feels like a lot of people passing at the moment and not even due to ‘that which will not be named but you know what I’m talking about…’ (The fatigue is real y’all). Rest In Power to all of those that have left us.

This month is very exciting for me. Well, to be honest all of it is always exciting for me. Creating this content and talking to these inspiring people has been the best way to spend time. To learn, to live and hopefully build a bigger and stronger community. Whether it was talking to Abbey or Jon-Carlos on THF about their current projects. Noah Becker of Whitehot Magazine about jazz and 60’s music. Learning about Hussina Raja’s fascination with Sister Act, Yamin Semali’s time in Los Angeles or Nik Nowak’s brothers’ influence on which Michael Jackson song is the best. Oh yeah! And finally was able to include Roberto! Which is awesome!

A lot of these conversations could have gone on forever. I hope the guests enjoyed them as much as I did. And I of course hope that you and your friends enjoy them as well! (Maybe even more?!)

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Most importantly, love yourselves and love each other!


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