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The early Fantasia movie is based on classical compositions where they have the figures and animals in the tracks. It’s something that is very present in my mind.

As a kid, we didn’t have that much video things or sounds, or pop-like things influencing our childhood. Also, In the teenage years, I wasn’t really exploring the things that young kids were doing like rap or local popular music. I was basically referencing things that I had seen, and that was related to classical music. My parents are classical musicians playing instruments like violin, clarinet and piano a bit.

Fantasia was very present in our childhood as I have seen it over and over and over again. These characters came to life with the music! By seeing the visualization it made it even more clear what the composer wanted to express!

I will always remember how the music build-up to this energetic feeling and more aggressive as they go. Expression and intonation stands very central in Fantasia.

How the music starts off, so soft and magical, with Mickey Mouse carrying water buckets from the basement. Of course, Mickey found a better way and asked the brooms to help him out, from this optimism of letting the brooms helping out by walking up and down the stairs with buckets of water, the music is building up to tell you that there’s a catastrophe coming up. Indeed, the brooms are breaking apart and multiplying by themselves, And Mickey Mouse is like, in complete panic! He doesn’t know what to do! He’s slamming the doors! Locking them up, trying to get away! Trying to handle the situation which it is not going so well. Very intense for a kid of 6.

I remember watching this cartoon every time with new eyes, maybe because the music compositions where so complex. With the intonations of all the voices from the orchestra, I was completely taken over by the music. Afterwards, I realize that nowadays there are some movies productions, and most of them I don’t have the concentration to watch because my attention is not there, because the sound isn’t complete or too repetitive, or there is no emotional connection what isn’t hold my attention.

Who has seen this will agree, it isn’t really a kids movie. The heavily composed music wasn’t going to make a fairy tale with them live happily ever after. You will hear the dark Symphony No. 5 from Ludwig van Beethoven, or the Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky. Then on top of that Fantasia created these alive characters, built around it. That was for me, why I loved it and hated it at the same time. If I had a nightmare it was about these images, and if I had a good fluffy dream it was about the part of it. It’s still sharp in my head how the hippopotamus as elegant ballerina dancers in the classical Italian landscape and soap bubbles dances around as if the day is the best day that they can imagine. Till the crocodiles come around and scares the shit out of them!

This is when I started to learn what the orchestra can do! Also about how sound is a thing unto itself and in the end sound is about communication in music. A instrument on itself is can be nice but will express more if it is in contrast.  I see it as a cloud that frames and move sounds around. The more instruments it has the more outer edges it gets, the more distortion, more chaos, the more digression, the more anti-crystal view. Arrrgh! Too much words! Aja you know what I meant.

I think if you ask about music memories and when, how and where they have been created. It’s so far in our subconsciousness, that something you don’t even know that what you have seen as a kid has impact on your now being.

(laughing….) I just saw this dancing mushrooms in a bed of flowers passing by – oh yeah, it must be Fantasia! Daydreaming and flashbacks are the best.




In her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. Lately she is observing rhythmic sounds in nature. Trees, brids, and wind are present in one noisy cloud, and in our mind somehow synchronized without being sync on a beat pattern.

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