Lunatic Harness by u-ziq
via Zufu


Back in 1998 in Lima, it was very rare to listen to electronic music if it wasn’t for Mtv and a couple radio shows.The music in the electronic parties was more focused into house, techno, and trance. So, one of my best friends from high school has a cousin that lived in the USA for a while and brought some music with him back to Lima. At that time he was making beats with Fruity Loops and (he) was into Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, and other projects that became the soundtrack of my daily life. One day he recorded μ-ziq’s “Lunatic Harness” from a cd to a cassette for me. I still used a walkman that I always carried with some cassettes. I remember this one was yellow and that I took from my Mom’s collection and re-recorded it. The first time I heard this album it blew my mind; just with the opening track “Brace Yourself Jackson”. The amen breaks were completely new to me and it opened up a different path in music that influenced me later on when I started making my own stuff.



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