On this episode of Mixtape Menage on THF we welcome today’s guest, sound artist and composer Joseph Kamaru of KMRU! A super quick chat as we also welcome him to his new city of Berlin.


Originally aired on THFRadio.de Saturday December 12th 2020.

Goodie Mob – Are You Ready (feat. Chuck D)
Fit of Body – Solo Jazz (ft. Taves)
Pisse feat. Eli, Manu y Lore – Equilibrio Trabajo y Vida
Ranil – La Minga
Aho Ssan – Simulacra IV
Reverse Bullets – Akhet
KMRU – Matching Teal Surfaces
Issuez7 – Boost
MonoNeon – Invisible
Indian Jewelry – In Love With Loving
The Liars – We Are the Army
Larry June and Harry Fraud – Organic Miracles
Amiri Baraka – Class Struggle in Music

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