Gone Til November
via Heiko-Thandeka Ncube


This song used to run on TV when I was around 9. This was in Harare/Zimbabwe where I spent my childhood. At the time my family and I were already in the process of moving to Germany. Zimbabwe was facing a political and economical crisis and my parents had given up any hope that the country would stabilise. Those were some scary times. My mom is a white German woman my dad is black and from Zimbabwe, so they decided the first step was for my mom to find a job and an apartment in Germany, so she could set up the whole situation for us to come. Effectively my family and I spent around half a year without seeing my mother. All of this happened in the late 90s. There was no FaceTime, Zoom or anything and intercontinental phone calls were expensive AF so there wasn’t much contact between us at all and “Gone Til November” was running on TV. I believe it was one of the first songs I heard at which I made sense out of the lyrics. “Gone Til November” is a song about a lover missing their partner, it doesn’t fit like that but essentially it’s a song about missing someone you love and counting the months until you can see them again.



Heiko-Thandeka Ncube is an Afrogerman artist who’s work ranges between art criticism, film and the visual arts. His practice is closely linked to historical developments and mythological stories that can be traced back to Ncube’s Zimbabwean-German descent. Ncube worked in the art education of the 10th Berlin Biennale, various art educational projects by The Hub e.V. and as an actor in the performance Pour La Radio by Andrea Cohen and Diego Losa in the House of World Cultures.

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